Bepo The Moth Pixel Art brief


The idea is to spruce up a little game I made for a gamejam. You can play the game here:
Bepo the moth by wesen3000

The game has been made in PICO–8 Fantasy Console, which is a great little system to make games, along with sprites and maps. I can arrange to buy you a license so that you can try out your art in game, as part of the arrangement.

The idea is that a little boy has to bring his moth to the light by turning lamps on and off. The sprites are all 8x8, in 16 colors:

Here are some animations:

Here is the complete current sprite sheet:

I like highly stylized pixel art, but you don’t need to use it as a guideline necessarily.

First project

I would like the following as a first step:

Please provide a reference tiled level as well. I liked to use Pyxel Edit: pixel art and tileset creation tool (if you have a license) or Tiled Map Editor | A flexible level editor

Remember that the idea is of bringing a moth to the light, so that everything has to be “dark”. The limited palette makes it an interesting challenge for sure.

Future steps

If things work out well, there is more work: parallax backgrounds, title screen, animations, more level styles, cut scenes.