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Kodiak Curve Sequencer

Native Instruments recently released a new collection of Blocks for Reaktor, called Kodiak. Reaktor Blocks is a collection of Reaktor instruments called “blo...

Macbook Touchbar

My macbook died unexpectedly before traveling to Germany. In a rush, I bought a brand new MacBook Pro with Touchbar, and being the productivity fanboy that I...

Sound design notes

New year, and the new year’s resolution is to post at least twice a month. Procrastination is already kicking in, so this is mostly a recap of things I have ...


h e i s h e r e reverb in reaktor blocks

I have been porting the h e i s h e r e reverb to Reaktor Blocks. Reaktor Blocks and Reaktor Core are a fantastic playground to explore DSP algorithms, and h...


Trying out factor

I have been trying out a few new programming languages lately: Factor and Erlang. I don’t expect to be using them for any real programming, but I want to lea...


Notes about linux kernel development

I am getting back into linux kernel development after a pretty long hiatus. My muscle memory is gone, and while I wrote clever, very close to the hardware k...

Blender notes - introduction

I am trying to learn blender in a serious manner. I am following a lot of tutorials online, trying to replicate animations I see. I will probably keep using ...